Veggies: unusual sandbox toys

Veggies Sand Toys are unusual sandbox toys designed by Tati Ferrusio. This is a set of different toys that can be used in the sandbox or on the beach. Natural images of toys to play in a natural landscape.

Veggies is a toy set designed for children 2 to 5 years old to stimulate outdoor play.

The toys have interchangeable parts thanks to the threaded top, which allows kids to assemble the containers in different ways - vegetarian-themed,(magnetic tiles) because they all look like different types of vegetables. The containers can be filled with sand or water, stacked and collected in them shells and pebbles, making them great toys for a wide range of children from two to five years old.(picasso magnetic tiles) The goal is to increase children's curiosity about the study of nature, as well as their ability to communicate with other children and adults.

Veggies Sand Toys is the 2020 Design Award winner . The idea for this project was based on observing the natural landscape in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and how families fit into the environment. There are many beautiful natural parks and beaches in Rio, but none of them are equipped to encourage young children to play outdoors. These toys remind us of how important it is to create a space suitable for childhood in our cities.

What you want to strive for:

Veggies promotes creative play and family values ​​where kids feel comfortable sharing experiences with their peers and family.

Plus, this toy set is designed to teach kids how to take care of their own food, encouraging new generations to build a more sustainable future.

Sustainable production chain:

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