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JOUL Bricks: Learning Through Interactive Experience

JOUL Magnetic Block Toys are an interactive set that will help children better understand how energy and technology work.

The blocks in the set are of three types, including generators, batteries and output blocks, with which children can experiment to understand the principles of energy from different perspectives. This includes creating energy, storing it and using it by creating a basic circuit .

An excellent game for interactive teaching of the basics of physics.

Moreover, the cubes are good on their own, they are a bit like anti-stress fidget cubes.

JOUL Magnetic Block Toys are the design work of Anna Hing, Fabian Böttcher and Soh Heum Hwang, yankodesign, are the recipients of the iF Design Talent Award 2020.

Toys work with an optional tablet app that further reinforces learning principles.

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