Sonic the Hedgehog Craftables, collectible toys

Sonic the Hedgehog is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2021, so it's time to launch Sonic the Hedgehog Craftables, Just Toys' build-it-yourself collectible series.

There are four figures in total : Sonic slipping through a golden hoop, Super Sonic in action, Turbo Sonic taking off and Sonic with Tails.

The boxes are not labeled, they are surprise toys, and you don't know who you will get until you open the package. Some of the data Craftables is harder to collect than others.

Each small scene consists of an average of seven parts (5 to 10), ranging in size from large (display base) to smaller (flowers or explosive effects).

Figures come with assembly instructions , all fully shown with pictures and arrows. The instructions show several combinations of details at each step, so you may need to move forward through trial and error figuring out the best order to add each part to your scene.

When properly assembled, the entire display sticks together well without any glue . That is, if you wish, you can disassemble it into separate parts. If you are assembling a series for a collection demonstration, the parts can be additionally glued ( when you are convinced that the assembly is correct ).

By age, the kits are recommended for children ages 3 and up, but younger ones will need help getting all the pieces together correctly.

Craftables offers more advanced playability than unboxing alone, and the assembly process is simple enough not to tire a child.

Assembled models are about 3.5 inches, or 9 cm (although they vary slightly depending on the scene). In any case, they are small and will look good on a nightstand or bookshelf.

Kids who are familiar with Sonic and other characters from video games will love to collect such a collection!

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