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Rev & Roll: Metal Toy Cars & Figures Review

ar and groovy


Meet the toys based on the cartoon Rev & Roll (Roar and the clockwork team)! It's a really groovy team because every character on the show has a machine friend representing some kind of animal.

So let's join 8-year-old Roar and his best friend, a powerful truck with a puppy personality named Rumble. Many interesting adventures await our heroes and their friends on the ranch and in the hometown of Fender Bend! Everyone in the town has their own unique four-wheeled friend, but Rev and Rumble are the main pair, the protagonists. Rev has a lot of ideas, and Rumble has a lot of strength, and together they can move mountains! Every day brings friends a new adventure, a new challenge, something epic . They help the Roar family on their ranch, ride around town, or even go to the desert. Their friends include Avery and her cat car Ellie, Owen and his frog race car Crash, Laurie and her powerful horse truck Tipper, and Bo and his shy elephant fire truck Spritzer. This energetic group of friends is always on the move, always fast, and always interested!

The whole company is shown on the back of the package.

All the people and cars of the cartoon are in constant motion and together perform different tasks, do interesting things. There is no time to get bored here!

What amazes me the most is how they ride: the wheels are amazing, they ride better than any other car we have!

The toys are very high quality , detailed, metal (which means they are very durable): these are good figures and cars with animal habits, exactly based on the animated series Rev & Roll. They are interesting in and of themselves , even if you know absolutely nothing about the cartoon. The child can easily "revive" them and invent stories for them on his own, the images of toy cars contribute to this.

All cars - with excellent detail (metal + plastic):

The eyes close:

Figures are one-piece, without moving parts, all wearing safety helmets (not removable).

Durable and high quality.

The figurines match the style of their vehicles, and yet - they are mounted on typewriters (thanks to the protrusions on the typewriters and notches in the soles) and hold very well, almost a single whole:

Take your pick !

This is an interesting, unusual line of toy cars complete with figures (and you can even watch cartoons about them) - just what you need! A great addition to any collection of toy cars for boys and girls (girls really like these toy cars too)


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