Play Maysie, magnetic doll houses

Play Maysie Magnetic Dollhouses are sets of high quality portable toy sets that allow kids to play virtually anywhere, including on the go. We open the mini-suitcase - and everything is ready to play!

The dollhouses are housed in pretty boxes in a range of different colors. The components are magnetic, easy to play with, and won't get lost along the way! Each Play Maysie dollhouse has magnetic removable floor-rooms and wooden furniture fixed to them. It is very convenient, reliable and safe!

Hang the bag in a closet, stack them like suitcases on the floor, or stack them on shelves, or even keep them under your bed. Ideal toy for small spaces and tiny home life inside !

Easy to open and close, everything is attached, which means no more toppling and falling furniture, no more lost items, no more stepping on the little toys that are scattered throughout the house.

The design is ideal for kneeling.

Removable floors allow for limitless play. A simple room can turn into a spaceship, a castle, or anything else that your child's imagination tells you about!

The toys are made from sustainable materials, plastic free, and gender neutral. Research shows that playing with dolls is as emotionally and socially beneficial for boys as it is for girls.

Play Maysie magnetic dollhouses are great for both indoor and outdoor play.

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