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Nendo Random Top Fidget Toy Spinning Top: Unexpected Design!

Nendo Random Top is an amazing fidget toy: its design looks a little ... chaotic. The simple yet highly obscure design deliberately emphasizes the somewhat convoluted construction to make it both artistic and functional. Looking at this toy, you will never think that this is a top and it will really rotate.

The toy follows the four conditions required for a spinning top: axle, weight, center of gravity, and tip shape. But the whole reward of seemingly random rectangular pieces makes you doubt that this is a top and that it will spin.

In fact, this top rotates with surprising ease , while looking like a rather intricate piece of art.

Overall, this toy dispels the myth that spinning tops should have at least some minimum of symmetry.

The developers at yankodesign were helped to create this invention by a computational procedure known as a genetic algorithm . Four conditions were evaluated - center of gravity, weight, tip shape and axis - to find the optimal combination of object shape, position and weight. The result is something completely unique.

A genetic algorithm is a heuristic search algorithm used to solve optimization and modeling problems by random selection, combination and variation of the desired parameters using mechanisms similar to natural selection in nature. It is a type of evolutionary computation that solves optimization problems using natural evolution methods such as inheritance, mutation, selection, and crossing over.

The Nendo Random Top design went through a hundred iterations, each of which was tested more than 200 times, and this is how the final version of the top was born , which can rotate for more than 10 seconds .

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