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Heading into the Jungle with the Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Safari

Crayola has released a safari-themed version of the Scribble Scrubbie set with coloring figures (reusable!). How can you refuse such an adventure? In no case!

The Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Safari set features four new animal figurines that kids can color or decorate to their liking. You get a monkey, elephant, giraffe and lion, which you can paint however you like ( and then wash off and paint again! ).

The figurines are made with a solid white base and a flocked texture that is easy to paint with markers. This is the main idea of ​​this set - six markers included in the kit will help you color the figures to your liking. Color in whole or draw a beautiful pattern - however you want!

If it's time to update the color or pattern, the figurines can be washed in water, the set even includes a fun "bath" for bathing pets. There is also a brush, which will be more convenient to wash off markers from the "fur" of the figures. After such a bath, the animals again become white, pure, original - let them dry up, and they are ready to transform again!

The bathtub also has a removable slide and a button: when pressed, water will pour out of the palm tree like a luxurious rain shower.

Color and bathe figures over and over again : this is a set for endless play.

The set is intended for children aged 3 and over. It's great that the drawings can be washed off: if the child does not like what he has done, there is nothing wrong, everything can always be corrected and redone. No stress, just play!

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