HAPE Fold and Go Beach Sand Set: Everything we love at sea!

What do we like most about the sea, the beach? Sand, ocean, sea shells ... in fact, all of the above! I want to spend as much time as possible by the water. And this requires a handy set for playing with water and sand.

With the HAPE Fold and Go Beach Set, kids can collect all the best at once! Everything you need to look like a beach. The plus is that this set is foldable , which means compact. And also - colorful and cute!

The light beach set comes flat , folded into a fish-shaped canvas bag with a long zip on the bottom half. The set includes a collapsible bucket, a spatula and a mold. The bag holds the entire set and is comfortable, lightweight, with a pink mesh pocket and handle, so kids can easily carry their toys with them. The textile parts of the set are made of nylon, a waterproof material, so it will be comfortable to carry water (and sand).

The set includes a small plastic spatula and a fish-shaped mold, a size suitable for babies. Build your own sand fish school, a small sea kingdom on the shore!

After the game, all the parts are collected in a bag, even a bucket , it is very convenient! No more bulky sandbag bags needed inside. Adults will love that the kit is easy to use and lightweight, children can carry everything themselves (as long as the parents carry all the other necessary things to relax by the water).

Encourages the development of hand-eye coordination and motor skills, creative play.

What you get: - bucket - storage bag - mold - scoop

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