Get ready to build, decorate and play with the Pinxies Unicorn Barn set from Luki Lab. With over 240

Get ready to build, decorate and play with the Pinxies Unicorn Barn set from Luki Lab. With over 240 pieces included, this set guarantees kids hours of creative and educational STEM fun.

This set may seem a little confusing at first: 240 pieces , including building parts, cardboard pieces, character figures, decals, and more, just eyes dazzling! But fear not: the instructions are clear, concise and easy to follow.Magna tiles

Unicorn Barn is assembled with colorful plastic building links and bright glossy cardboard panels.

The game begins with the construction of a barn; this will require a lot of building parts; for inexperienced builders, assembly can take quite a long time. Younger children may need adult help to understand instructions and find the correct part. Some parts are quite difficult to connect and require more effort. This assembly develops the concept of engineering, the child gains STEM skills. Act accurately, do not lose small details, and everything will work out.magnetic tiles 100pcs

The end result is worth the effort - a beautiful barn with a hanging chandelier, flower pots in the windows, open doors.

The assembled building is 19 inches (almost 50 cm) long!

The kit further includes materials and building instructions for three unicorns : their names are Crystal, Agnes and Flynn. These are 3D magical creatures, the figures are stable. The set also comes with three friends (Koral, Lila and Finn) taking care of the unicorns. Each character comes with one body and two interchangeable heads for different emotions and scenarios.magnetic tiles 100pcs

There are also other simple buildings: fence, barrels, obstacles, buckets, feeders. Kids can line up these elements in a unicorn obstacle course! It also has horse treats, gardening tools and additional plants.

The set allows you to play out hundreds of different scenarios. Accessories and customizable features provide hours of creative play. Everything can be taken apart and build something new in your own way. The pieces of cardboard barn come with different colors and designs on each side, you can change the building to your liking. The set also includes stickers.magna tiles

Although building is a complex project, such a game is very rewarding. In addition, the game continues after construction is completed.

This toy is perfect for any kid with an interest in construction, unicorns, and everything in between . She develops motor skills, STEM concepts and creativity. Build a barn, train unicorns, plant a garden, create games with characters!

And that is not all!

There are other additional Pinxies sets (sold separately) that you can use to expand your magical Pinxies world.

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