Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages

Over 50 songs, melodies and phrases.

Smart Stages technology helps the child grow gradually: educational content changes as the child grows up. Three levels of play offer new songs, phrases and sounds for different stages of development. Specify the child's age for automatic smart level changes (learning stages) or manually change the levels with the switch.

The highchair activates songs and phrases when the child is sitting or standing. Level 1 - Research - from 12 months. The child plays and learns simple words like "down". The buttons activate songs and phrases (for example, "one, two, three, four"). Level 2 - Promotion - from 18 months. This level dwells in detail on the study of numbers, opposites, actions, encourages the child to take part in the educational game. Also, the baby can study the book, hear that it is called a carrot, etc. Level 3 - Pretending - from 24 months. Let `s play! Older toddle

rs (from 2 years of age) can participate in imaginative play, jumping like a frog, exploring various topics and playing games.

Develop and grow

Songs, phrases and sounds teach your toddler about numbers, shapes, opposites, colors and more. Turning book pages, pressing buttons, or lifting the seat introduces the concept of cause and effect. The child can sit up and stand up and hear fun rewards that encourage motor skills and coordination.

The design is simple and safe: there are no parts for a child to tear off. The back legs of this chair are slightly pulled back to prevent tipping over.

Phrases and sounds change, so repeating the same thing won't drive you crazy.

There is a volume control.

When not in use, the chair enters sleep mode (battery saver). The batteries are at the bottom (a screwdriver is required to change). There is no mains adapter, the chair works only on batteries, not from the mains.

Expand your game!

Remove the seat - what do you find inside? It's all about what you could find in your own regular chair or sofa by lifting the seat up! Biscuits? Keys? Perhaps a forgotten toy? The possibilities are endless! Amusing surprises await your kid!

And this highchair is also a comfortable place for the child to sit on and discover new things at the same time! This magical place knows when the child is sitting, activating songs and phrases, or when the child is standing.

The highchair is very attractive and admirable for the baby. And does not let you get bored! You can sit on it when you watch your favorite cartoons, draw at the children's table, you can hide your things under the seat. At the same time, the chair solves the problem that the child is trying to climb onto other furniture in the room; would an ordinary chair be as attractive as this one? A very convenient purchase for those who do not have a lot of free space, because this is both their own mini-chair for the child (a necessary thing), and a multi-faceted developmental game that will be in demand by the child for more than one year.

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