ELC (Early Learning Center) toys


The ELC brand is well known all over the world. It is the UK's leading toy brand.

Toys "Center for Early Development" help a child to develop harmoniously and get to know the world around him. ELC (Early Learning Center) is educational toys in the best traditions of British education.

ELC - Early Childhood Development Center is a world of bright, funny and unusual toys for children from birth to 8-10 years old . ELC toys are manufactured in the largest factories in the UK, Denmark, Ireland, China, Spain and meet international quality standards.

For 35 years now, ELC has been creating unique toys that help develop key skills from

a very young age. ELC educational toys are good both for fun games at home and for fun


The main principles of ELC are development and learning through play, high quality and safety.

These are quite expensive toys, but toys of this level cannot be cheap . Good to buy as a gift.

Each ELC toy corresponds to one of 11 product categories, for example, Explore the World , Sports & Activity , Riddles & Games ...

These toys are sold in Russia in a variety of stores, special centers, and even pharmacies!

The assortment of ELC toys is extensive and divided into groups:

goods for the little ones (based on the tactile sensations of the child) - play mats, rattles, children's corners

  • classic toys made of wood (time-tested classic)

  • the baby is growing up (cars with sound effect, backpacks, pyramids, building houses ...)

  • bath toys

  • play sets for role-playing games (kitchen, coffee machine, toaster, doctor ...)

  • adventure world (pirates, dinosaurs, railroad, firefighter ...)

  • children's creativity (drawing mat, drawing kit, brushes, glue, colored paper, plasticine ...)

  • young musicians (microphone, xylophone, tambourine, maracas, musical set ...)

  • learning is interesting (flashlight, labyrinth, recipes, learning cards, boards, puzzles, scales ...) - games and riddles (puzzles, games in foreign languages, loto ...)

  • sports and activities (swimming pool, wheelchairs, game balls, trampoline, bicycle, armbands, skittles, paddles, awning, swing ...).

You can find fabulous toys, and fancy dress, and DIY kits for creating New Year's gifts.

Examples of figures:

The legs, arms and head of the character move (there are clicks), and the ears are made of soft rubber. The figurines are very comfortable to hold with a small handle. The height of the figures is about 12 cm. The material is high quality plastic.

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