Creativity for Kids® Sensory Bins: Sensory Play & Development Kits

Sensory Bins - interesting ready-made sets to keep children busy with practical and varied play. The main thing is creativity! The novelty is presented by Creativity for Kids®, a Faber-Castell USA brand.

All Sensory Bins are packed with tactile fun.

Now you do not need to create such sets yourself - with art supplies, dried berries, pasta of different shapes, sticks, sand and random finds in the fixed price list. The kits already contain a variety of child-safe materials - with different colors, textures. Priced at $ 19.99, they are likely to be more economical than building a similar set yourself.

Ideal for preschoolers.

Each set is already filled with sensory materials - sand, water balls and more. There are six different themes, including Outer Space , Ocean and Sand, and Garden and Its Inhabitants . There's also a dinosaur-themed set, a construction zone, and an ice cream shop.

The kits have sturdy packaging for safe storage of everything inside. They have high sides to keep the contents out of the table while playing, and they also have a lid. All content is safe for children ages 3 and up; there are no too small elements here. And the contents of the kits are such that they are pleasant to dig into .

These touch sets are great open source gaming experiences. Just let your child play on their own by placing the set at their complete disposal. It develops imagination, fantasy, fine motor skills and a pleasant tactile experience.

What can be found here? All kinds of things (depending on the subject of the set) that kids will love! Aquarium gravel in different colors, super soft touch sand, toffee figurines, sparkling pompoms, foam planets, toy astronauts, small sea animals, flowers, scoop and more.

Playing with these sets lays the foundation for more structured educational games and activities that the child will face in the future.

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