Brainstorm Toys: how to see the world with different eyes?

See the World Through Others' Eyes

An interesting novelty for 2019 from Brainstorm Toys is the See the World Through Others' Eyes set. These are special glasses with interchangeable lenses that will help you see the world as other creatures, from shark to bee , see it !

Brainstorm Toys is both a game and STEM learning. These are a variety of interactive toys, each of which combines a lot of exciting discoveries - science, technology, engineering and mathematics in different aspects (STEM - science, technology, engineering, maths). These toys encourage children to explore the world and develop an interest in scientific subjects.

How to see the world with different eyes?

For this we need the See the World Through Others' Eyes set.

Released in summer 2019.

Have you ever wondered how the world, for example, a shark sees? Or a tyrannosaurus?

Unique set points let you see the world in over 17 different ways !

This is not virtual reality; it is a way to see the real world through the eyes of another being.

This optical science kit comes with 22 interchangeable lenses / lenses and a scientific information booklet (available in several languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian).

What is the world like if you are a child? How does a cuttlefish see the world under water? We just put on glasses and see the world as completely different creatures see it!

Among the lenses - wide-angle, colored, polarized, split vision, faceted, spectral and others.

Just fit another pair of lenses and the world will change!

How does a fly see the world?

How does a dog see the world?

How do the shark and the astronaut see?

Seeing (and not just imagining ) the world like this has always been very interesting, hasn't it? The purpose of all Brainstorm Toys is to entertain children, but also inspire them to learn more about the world around them. Among the toys from Brainstorm, there are many truly inspirational ones that capture the imagination! And this amazing set is one of the prime examples.

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