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Motile Powered by AA Battery

Brand New Motile which can work with other magnetic car and magnetic tiles on the market.

Let's make your magnetic tile to be motored now.


Magnetic Marble Run

There are similar marble run on the market, but our marble run is designed in a different way .  The currently design on the market are very hard to play ,  ours are easier to connect,  build,  and more fun for kids 


Magic Cube

SInce Geomag Made the first generation of Magic cube,

there are lots similar magnetic cubes were copied from different factories. But none of them on the market are Environmental protection.  We use different technology to produce, no ink , no painting , lower price.


EX Magna Tiles 

Manga tiles is a very classic magnetic toys in the market.

But the price is alwasy high, Children from families with poor financial income can't afford it.

So We decide to redesign it ,and with our great Experience and technology In magnetic toys area. Finally we cut this toy's cost 30% down compare to the regular magnetic tiles on the market. Plus more fun possibilities to play.

Magna Track

Customer request us to design a track for manga  tiles , We saw there are some similar ones , but all of them have little problems.  So we made a very good update, make the track can be compatible for most of track cars and even trains . This is the world's first universal Track Toys.

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Maggi Cube

One customer's idea , we developed this toy and bring it to this world.

with universal magntism inside, kids can build many amazing shapes. Simple and Fun.

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