XOXO Cupcake Surprise Tic Tac Toy: a huge set of surprises

A huge surprise, the novelty of 2020 - XOXO Cupcake Surprise Tic Tac Toy: a unicorn squish doll, pets and many surprises, even tattoos!

This is a unique set - XOXO Tic Tac Toy. Not just a set with toys, but a real huge set in a package resembling a cupcake, with a variety of surprise toys inside: squish dolls, tattoos, pets, games and more.

Inside the kit you will find many unique and very interesting surprises. You will definitely have a doll in the form of a unicorn and its pet, wings for yourself and for the doll, a set of tattoos that you can decorate yourself, as well as a board game that you can immediately play with your parents or friends. Perfect set for a holiday or party.

The packaging resembles a huge cupcake. You will find an interesting unpacking.

As soon as you start unpacking the cupcake, the first thing you see is the key.With this key, you can further unpack the cupcake.Insert the key and turn it.

Soft dolls are like squishy, ​​they are very soft and pleasant to the touch.In this set you will find a doll and a pet, both with unicorn-like horns.

There are 20 surprises inside . There is also a booklet instruction, which indicates the names of all the dolls and pets that can be obtained in the kit. The collection has 4 dolls and 4 pets, which you will have - this is a surprise. Also in this collection you can collect 8 unique wings and 8 sweet treats, which of them will be in your set - also a surprise.

On the other side of the guide you will find a field with a tic-tac-toe game, and in the set there are details for the game (tic-tac-toe).