a fruit series of soft toys-surprises in cakes!

Kyuititos - burrito-wrapped plush animals from Basic Fun. Their small family (or “ ito family ”) has just grown in size and taste with the advent of Cutetotos Fruititos, fruit versions of charming animals intended for children aged 3 years and older.

Little friends in the fourth Cutetitos series are as adorable as ever. Now they are wrapped in one of four bright and colorful fruit wrappers: watermelon, kiwi, orange or pitaya.

Each Fruitito resembles a unique, brightly colored animal, soft to the touch. Some even have fun fruit patterns and color images of their favorite fruits.

Previous Cutetitos had peppers embroidered to indicate their personal spice level, but Fruitotos didn’t have peppers, butfruit marksthat let you know your plush personality is fruity, berry-fruit, extra-fruity, or super-fruity.

Frutitos include new animals - Crabito, Lemurito and Beeito (crab, lemur and bee).

Each character includes a trading card telling fruit facts about your new pet. Kind, birthday, name (Melonito, Sherbetito) - everything is very cute! Super rare heroes include Cerrito, Goldito and Hutito.

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