Toys "R" Us Canada: entertainment kits for children. In response to COVID-19

In response to the pandemic COVID-19 company Toys "R" US Canada announces initiative Stay-at-Home Play ( stay at home ), as well as ready-made kits for games Stay-At-Home Play Pack, to the family it was easier to stay at home.

Exclusive interactive play sets are designed to keep children busy until kindergartens and schools work.

Each set offers a mix of different toys, from creativity kits to sensory toys, board games and designers.

The Little R Play Little Hands Play Pack is packed with stimulating toys for children from one to four years old. The "R" Big Imaginations Play Pack is designed for older children and includes items for creativity and various toys.

These sets of toys help relieve some of the stress from the uncertainties of our time when we are quarantined at home because of the coronavirus and we don’t know exactly when it will all end, especially since many parents work temporarily at home and should think about their children throughout of the day. Children need to do something, and ready-made kits are great help.