Rooting and sprouting with Sprouti Palz!

ORB Sprouti Palz - cute, stylized, funny characters that will be adorned with hair ... that will need to be grown! They are made in three different styles, have different colors and faces, decorations. One character has earrings, the other has a mustache, and the third has a nose ring! This gives your new buddies a little personality.

In the set you get a special sock-ball filled with grass seeds. Following the instructions, you soak the sock for about eight hours. After it is completely wet, put it in the included plastic vase (the lower part must be filled with water). A piece of rope raises water to continue to support the growth of your Sprouti. The instruction suggests changing the water every day. The container tilts easily, Sprati should be above the water level

It is best to put Sprouti in a sunny place to speed up germination. In a week you will see how grass shoots appear! Full growth should occur within three weeks, then the grass can continue to grow further.

Toy Sprouti Palz is the perfect desktop friend for children from 5 years old and adults, fun for the whole family.

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