Little Live Pets: Surprise Chicken in the House!

Will you find a limited edition chicken called Dreambow Rainbow Chick? Get yourself a chicken in the house - it's so cute!

Who will hatch from an egg? It's a surprise! While your pet is still in the egg, you will already hear sounds ... who is inside? A funny detail - you do not know when the egg will open, as if it is a real chick, which we are looking forward to hatching! Usually you have to wait from 30 to 60 seconds. At some point, a miracle will happen, the egg will open.

You will not know which chick is hiding inside until the egg opens and your surprise appears. When the egg opens, the bird pops up and says "Hello!" Get ready, the fun is about to begin! Feed the baby, take care of her, take care of her, and she will sing .

The chick can be planted back in the egg and relive the process of the appearance of the chicken.

Do you hear me chirping? I walk like a real tiny chicken! The more you take care of me, the more I sing! I hatch again and again!

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