Harry Potter Hedwig Interactive Creature

An interactive owl like Harry Potter!Just like in the movie!This novelty will appear in the world of toys in 2020 thanks to the company Jakks Pacific.

This interactive toy, a white polar owl, has a sound sensor on its chest.This allows the head of Hedwig (in Russian we used to call this OwlBukl) to rotate 180 degrees to the left or right.Basically, the reaction to sound and head rotation is, in fact, all that this toy does, but it is also relatively inexpensive.

This toy is the perfect complement to any theme party or room decor in the style of Harry Potter. The height of the toy is small, only about 5 inches (13 cm).

The booklet responds to sounds: sing, scream or clap your hands, the owl responds with 12 unique bird sounds . It's quiet, so you don’t get tired of the toy. After three minutes of silence, the pet turns off, to activate it must be turned off and on again. For the toy to work, 2 AAA batteries are required, they are not included.