Fisher-Price Farm-to-Market Stand

Local organic vegetables for a healthy diet - now in the world of toys! The game kit for the role-playing game in the farmer and the seller will help to instill a lot of useful knowledge and skills. And yet - it is so attractive that it is perfect as a beautiful gift. One of those toys that will be highly appreciated by both children and parents.

The kit has everything you need for growing, collecting and selling fruits and vegetables. Details are made of various materials , so it will be nice to pick it up in your hands, studying different textures: soft, smooth, wooden and others. Fruits and vegetables are made of different materials (natural wood, felt, textile materials), the products have removable realistic leaves. Really beautiful and addictive role-playing game from Fisher-Price. We grow and sell carrots, cabbage, tomatoes and much more, we make out a stand for selling our fresh products.

Vegetables and fruits can be laid out in baskets, placed on ropes (like on a vine), laid out in a box, placed on a counter with price tags.

And there is also a cash register with soft cash! The cash register can be charged with notes and have fun playing in the store.

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