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​Castle Style Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic sheet building blocks have become popular in the market in recent years, and are deeply loved by children and teenagers;

However, the magnetic block building blocks currently on the market are relatively simple to play, and the modeling structure assembled is relatively single and abstract, which cannot vividly express the architectural style in reality.

Due to the overall design of the cylinder, circular frustum and cone, and the grooves are set on the edge of the circular frustum, the combination of building blocks is closer to the iconic structure of the castle in appearance. Children can easily build the castle shape, and the built-in The unique magnet can make the combination of building blocks to be built together with the existing magnetic sheet building blocks on the market, which greatly increases the playability of these building blocks and enriches the experience of children.

castle blocks for magnetic tiles is so cool for every kids .

Adam lv Vohoho CEO invented this toys in 2023 , will give kids as a great gift in next seasons.

fairy tale castle.jpg
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