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Who WE Are

     The founder and CEO Adam, graduated from the industrial design major, and engaged in consumer electronics product design for 10 years. He was in charge of sales at toy companies.

     During this period, he found that many toy companies in China basically do not develop toys, but they like to imitate and copy other people's designs, and then, after making them in China, sell them directly to customers in need.

     Adam hated the phenomenon so much that he quited the job. With his love for toys and inspiration in toy design,

      he opened his own toy design and sales company. Company was registered in hongkong , but company main service is in China mainland . In just over a year, Adam led the team to obtain nearly 20 patents for toys in China.

    Although our company is small now, But we are passionate, creative, experienced, and resourceful.
    Our ultimate wish is to sell our original toys to every corners of the world, and let the world recognize that China has its own toy design & research and development capabilities, so that every child can play fun , cheap and quantity toys.

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