Our mission

Bring kids more original, brand new, creative & fun toys!

Make a Better world !

Currently we may not make toys production, but we have great abilities to Design or Re-design toys , Control Production Cost ,Monitor Toy’s Quality, Orgnise Supplier Chains & Writing Professional Patent in China.

We offer One-Stop Toys Development & Molds Making & Mass Proudction & Safty Testing & Transportation

What are we doing?

Why us​?

Have you encountered the situation which someone sued you because of the toys you sell infringe their patent or copyright?

Why is the cost of the same toys you sell as others higher than your competitors?

Do you really think you have the best price from suppliers?

You have great ideas about toys ,

But you don't know how to realize it?

How and Where to start to sell?

How to protect your design?


You can leave all above questions and doubts to us!

We will give you satisfied answers. 


Adam LV  

Founder & CEO

Product & Toy Design Experter

The inventor of more than 10 educational toys. Familiar with all the processes of R & D, 3D design, sample production, packaging design, mass production, toy safety certification, sales and logistics of toys.Long-term corporate patent consultant,
Proficient in writing and applying for toy patents.

Supplier factory

One of our Supplier factory in China